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Golden / Silver Tokens System 

There are 3 ways to obtain Golden Tokens goldentoken.gif
1.Every 10 levels you will gain 5 Golden Tokens

2.Obtainable from numerous castle event raids along with Silver tokens

3.Every 1 hour spending online on WeAreTibia server you will gain 1 Golden Token (Level required 40)

After you collect some of Golden Tokens, you can change them at NPC Ancient Traveler store, located south west from Darashia Depot.  


Golden Tokens Price Reward

Green Cup

2             5749.png
Special Backpack 10              5848.png
Experience boost scroll +30% for 3 hours 20              5540.png
Promote Wand 100              6297.png
Mysterious Box 100              6321.png
Destruction Wand 100               6403.png
Special Outfit 150               specialoutfit.png
Paypal Bill - Exchange it for 5$ paypal money 300                6283.png



Paypall Bill Rules: -

-Golden Tokens obtained breaking rules(example 10 mc) are not allowed to redeem. 
-We reserve the right to change paypall bill price anytime we want. 
-You can exchange 1 bill daily. 
-You must be golden account to redeem paypal bill .


There is 1 way to obtain Silver Tokens silvertoken.gif
1.After finishing daily castle event raid, depending on difficult you will obtain some amount of Silver Tokens.



SilverTokens Price Reward

Teemo Tools

50           NWLKcDN.png
Soul Eater 50             7795.png
Dark Knife 50             darkknife.gif

Crystal Box

150             6324.png

Angel Amulet

300              6592.gif
Angel Ring 300              6595.gif
Angel Bow 300               angelbow.gif
Angel Staff 300                angelwand.gif
Angel Shield 300                angelshield.gif
Angel Outfit Doll 600                6273.png