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Monster Points System 
From now on, you will gain "monster point" for each kill of some monsters. After gaining enough of monster points, you will be able to spawn for you and your team unique Boss. 
After you collect enough of points are ready - visit NPC Monster Master located at center of Heavenia. Talk with him about "Challenge"
Monsters points table can be found here :  

  Spawning monster: Monsters to kill Monster points required
demon.gif Orshabaal Demons 1500
morgaroth.gif Asakku Demon Fathers 1500
spikedemon.png Abraxas Skull Demons 2000
blue%20knight.gif Cursed Knight Blue Knights 1000
herohighguard.gif Cursed Hero Hero Highguard 1000
blacktemplar.gif Cursed Templar Black Templar 2000
RTENOTITLE Demodras Dragon Lords
Solar Dragons
White Dragons
RTENOTITLE Ferumbras Supreme Warlocks 25000