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Custom Bosses

  Name Exp Hp Loot
Grudul_the_cruel.gif Grudul The Cruel 8000 7000 0-170 Gold Coins, 0-9 Fish, 0-4 Hams, Plate Legs, Knight Armor, Stealth Ring, Club Ring, Shovel, Cheese, Morning Star, Crowbar, Mug, Common Blue Enchant Gem (rare), Steel Hammer (rare), Steel Boots (rare), War Horn (rare), Green Spellwand (rare), Heavy Mace (very rare)
Ancient_dwarf.gif Ancient Dwarf 28000 25000 0-145 Gold Coins, 0-35 Candy Canes, 0-25 White Mushrooms, 0-2 Talons, 0-3 Carrots, Leather Boots, Dwarven Axe, War Hammer, Spellbook, Magic Lightwand, Bottle, Blank Rune, 0-4 Small Amethysts, Doll, Dwarven Ring, Poison Bomb Rune(semi-rare), Blue Robe (semi-rare), Dwarven Helmet (semi-rare), Elder Helmet (very rare)
Merythathor.png Merythathor 30000 35000 0-95 Gold Coins, Red Gem, 0-5 Small Rubies, 0-39 Burst Arrows, Burnt Scroll, Dragon Necklace, Fire Axe, Flame Sword (semi-rare), Ring of Healing, Soulfire Rune, Red Spellwand (semi-rare),Rare Yellow Enchant Gem (rare) Fire Crossbow (very rare), Fire Robe (very rare), Fire Legs (very rare),
Astaroth.gif Astaroth & Astarith 50000 95000 0-52 Platinum Coins, 0-5 Small Diamonds, Energy Ring, Ice Amulet, Crystal Coin (semi-rare), Ice Rapier, Might Ring, Yellow Gem, Ancient Shield, Dragon Slayer, Frost Dagger (semi-rare), Epic Red Enchant Gem (rare), MP Enchant Gem (rare), Frost Bow (very rare), Ice Mace (very rare), Frozen Plate Legs (very rare), Elder Boots (very rare)
Dhampir.gif Dhampir 65000 95000 0-26 Platinum Coins, 0-8 Black Pearls, Book, Skull, Orb, Bronze Amulet, Mind Stone, Stone Skin Amulet, Vampire Shield, Silver Dagger, Candelabrum, Red Robe, Platinum Amulet, Red Gem, Ring of Healing, Red Spellwand (semi rare), Platinum Amulet (semi-rare), Ring of the Sky (semi-rare), Mastermind Shield (semi-rare), Destruction Wand (very rare), Vamplord Shield (very rare), Master Legs (very rare), Dragon Robe (very rare), Ferumbras Amulet (very rare), Master Armor (extremely rare)
Mancubus.gif Mancubus 80000 170000 0-45 Platinum Coins, 0-28 Small Stones, 0-23 Meat, Rotten Meat, 0-9 Ham, War Axe, Steel Boots, Hammer of Wrath (rare), Might Ring (rare), Obsidian Truncheon (very rare), Black Armor (very rare), Black Legs (very rare), Black Boots (very rare), Insane Shield (very rare), Dark Axe (very rare), Skull Earrings (very rare)
J%C3%B6rmungandr.gif Jörmungandr 100000 175000 0-11 Small Sapphires, 0-14 Small Diamonds, Green Gem, Ring of Healing, Serpent Sword, Ornamented Shield, Stone Skin Amulet, Medusa Shield, Forgiven Amulet (rare), Rare Yellow Enchant Gem (semi-rare), HP Enchant Gem (semi-rare), Tempest Shield (rare), Green Tome (very rare), Hydra Scale Legs (very rare), Thor Hammer (very rare), Serpent Amulet (very rare), Serpent Armor (very rare)
Outfit_678.gif Haborym 125000 200000 0-58 Platinum Coins, 0-15 Small Rubies, 0-10 Small Diamonds, 0-27 Fire Mushrooms, Mind Stone, Devil Helmet, Might Ring, Red Gem, Red Tome, Stone Skin Amulet, Steel Boots, Skull Staff, Fire Axe, Ring of Healing, Golden Legs (semi-rare), Demonrage Sword (semi-rare), Epic Red Enchant Gem (semi-rare), Demon Shield (semi-rare), Fire Crossbow (rare), Black Demon Shield (very rare), Fire Legs (very rare), Shiny Armor (very rare),
Rorina_the_ancient_one.gif Rorina the Ancient One 250000 450000 0-89 Platinum Coins, 0-7 Black Pearls, Skulls, 0-5 Small Diamonds, Ancient Shield, Ring of the Sky, Ancient Amulet, Ancient Backpack, Might Ring, Skull Staff, Blue Robe, Yellow Gem, Stone Skin Amulet, Sudden Death Rune, Mastermind Shield (semi-rare), Nightmare Blade (semi-rare), Legendary Violet Enchant Gem (semi-rare), Magic Level Enchant Gem (rare), Conjurer Wand (very rare), Death Wand (very rare), Master Legs (very rare), Dark Lord's Cape (very rare), Master Armor (very rare), Skull Axe (very rare), Godly Earrings (very rare)
andras.png Andras 275000 480000 0-64 Platinum Coins, 0-8 Dragon Ham, 0-5 Small Diamonds, 0-7 Black Pearls, Demon Backpack, Flame Axe (semi rare), Magic Plate Armor (semi rare), Nightmare Blade (semi rare), Stone Skin Amulet (semi rare), Ring of Healing (semi rare), Might Ring (semi rare), Black Shield (semi rare), Ancient Amulet (semi rare), Blue Gem (semi rare), Mastermind Shield (semi rare), Bronze Helmet (rare), Emerald Bangle (very rare), Master Helmet (very rare), Master Legs (very rare), Master Armor (very rare), Death Wand (very rare), Sapphire Amulet (very rare), Golden Helmet (extremely rare), Imperious Helmet (extremely rare), Legendary Violet Enchant Gem (extremely rare)
halphas.png Halphas 275000 480000  
dantalion.png Dantalion 275000 480000  
forneus.png Forneus 275000 480000  
baphomet.gif Baphomet 500000 800000  
RTENOTITLE Foaztnake 650000 500000  
RTENOTITLE Water Bender 500000 750000  
RTENOTITLE Seahorse Queen 500000 750000  
RTENOTITLE Aursiocem, King of Ogres 1000000 750000  
RTENOTITLE Cthsual, God of Winter 3000000 2000000