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You can skin monsters using Dark Knife darkknife.gif
How to obtain Dark Knife?
Buy it from NPC Dark Traveler ( first floor of Ancient Traveler shop )

  Monster Item Skinnable Item
mino.gif Minotaur 7753.png Minotaur leg
RTENOTITLE Neruk 7738.png Neruk Teeth
cyclopilus.gif Cyclopilus 7736.png Cyclopilus Helmet
vampire.gif Vampire 7739.png Vampire Cloth
dragon.gif Dragon 7741.png Dragon Tail
dragonlord.gif Dragon Lord 7737.png Dragon Lord Tail
solar%20dragon.gif Solar Dragon 7755.png Golden Wing
outfit_608.gif Warlock 7743.png Warlock Staff
undeadhydra2.gif Undead Hydra 7752.png Undead Hydra Head
demon.gif Demon 7744.png Demon Horn
frozemoth.gif Frozemoth 7745.png Frozemoth Horn
blue%20knight.gif Blue Knight 7749.png Blue Shield
spikedemon.png Demon Father 7748.png Demon Father Claw
blacktemplar.gif Black Templar 7746.png Broken templar sword
soulhunter.gif Soul Hunter 7751.png Soul Hunter Wing
sleepyhollow.gif Sleepy Hollow 7747.png Pumpkin head
warlockfather.gif Warlock Father 7742.png Warlock Father Staff