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Dragon pet system:


How to obtain eggs.

Elemental differences.


Role differences.

Training methods.

Final forms.


How to obtain eggs:Windegg.pngEarthegg.pngIceegg.gifFireegg.gifDegg.gifThunderegg.gifLegg.gif


  • Breeding – A dragon breeding NPC has made his way to Tibia and is looking for strong adventurers to bring in rare draconic species so that he may breed new species.
  • Looting – Some dragons you might kill may be carrying an egg. These eggs would be extremely rare because the adventurer would easily destroy it during battle.
  • Dragon nests – Some dragon spawns might have nests of eggs hidden away, the player can receive an egg by using it.
  • Quests – Some dragons might not look to immediately kill humans and instead humans can befriend them through quests. The dragon could then entrust them with one of their eggs.

Elemental differences:

There will be several elements a baby dragon can be hatched with:

  • Holy
  • Dark
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Poison/Earth
  • Lightning/Energy
  • Omni (all elements)


Holy dragons are quite easy to keep as a companion because they have very gentle demeanours. They often have yellow or white scales and a very majestic appearance. They illuminate even the darkest caverns with their presence. They are loyal and behave much like dogs. They will protect their ‘parent’ or owner by putting itself before danger. Holy dragons will taunt enemies and cast protective buffs on their owner. They are quite simple to raise because they are so gentle. (Easy to tame/level up.)

TLDR: Tank dragon, will protect owner with taunts.

Holy dragon spells:

  Spell Description Level Cooldown
RTENOTITLE Holy Buff Buffs their owners’ health by 10% 1 Passive
RTENOTITLE Divine Strike A targeted holy strike spell, does little damage 10 2s.
RTENOTITLE Divine Diversion A divine ball that taunts enemies around to attack the dragon. 20 10s.
RTENOTITLE Divine Heal The dragon heals itself for 30% of its own health. 25 12s.
RTENOTITLE Holy Charge The dragon charges towards your targeted enemy and hits them for medium damage. 30 30s.
RTENOTITLE Holy Dragonfire The dragon breathes an immense amount of blue holy flames that damage enemies and heal allies. 75 16s.



Unlike holy dragons the dark dragons don’t take kindly to humans at all. Even when they are barely hatched, they will resent humans. They need very specific and strict training. Their scales absorb any and all light near it and therefore they are always cloaked in immense darkness. The flames that they spread from their mouth are black and are said to never stop burning. Whilst very hard to tame, once you have their loyalty, they will fight for you with all their might. Dark dragons deal great damage and debuff opponents through curses and dark fireblasts. They are very hard to raise. (Hard to tame/level up.)

TLDR: Hyper aggressive DPS dragon. Will melee, shoot etc.

Dark dragon spells:

  Spell Description Level Cooldown
RTENOTITLE Dark Buff Buffs their owners’ magic level by 10% 1 Passive
RTENOTITLE Death Strike A targeted death bolt, does medium damage. 10 2s.
RTENOTITLE Draconic Curse Curses an enemy you’re attacking. Deals medium damage over time 20 6s.
RTENOTITLE Eternal Fire Shoots a wave of black fire that harshly damages enemies and places a burning effect on them. (Medium – high damage) 35 16s.
RTENOTITLE Everlasting Scorch Unleashes an enormous amount of black fire which leaves black fields. Both the impact and the fire fields after deal high damage 75 30s.



The most common dragon breed of Tibia, they breathe regular fire and are often found in places with high temperatures. Many adventurers are familiar with this type of dragon. Whilst common however, the dragon can still prove to be a great ally in battle. They can be a bit rough to tame, especially during puberty but most fire dragons will be loyal and hard working.

TLDR: is aggressive, will melee enemies.

Fire dragon spells:

  • Level 1 – Passive: Buffs their owners’ mana by 10%
  • Level 5 – Fire Strike – A targeted flame strike, does medium damage. – 2s cooldown.
  • Level 10 – Small Fire Wave – A small wave that goes from 1x to 2x to 3x width. – does low damage. – 6s cooldown.
  • Level 20 – Dragon Soulfire – Places a burn on the enemy – does medium burn damage – 12s cooldown.
  • Level 50 – Passive: Passive: The player can mount their dragon for highly increased movement speed and easy travelling.
  • Level 75 – Inferno – Large AoE fire attack (large dragon wave) – does high damage – 30s cooldown.



To be added.

TLDR: Tank/bruiser dragon, will melee. Deals higher damage than holy, has more CC.



Ice dragon spells:

  • Level 1 – Passive: Buffs their owners’ health by 10%
  Spell Description Level Cooldown
Ice strike.png Ice Strike A targeted icicle spell that slows enemies, does low damage 5 4s.
RTENOTITLE Frozen Taunt Exeta res that also slows enemies hit by it 10 10s.
RTENOTITLE Flash Freeze Freezes an opponent solid and stuns it for 2 seconds. 20 14s.
RTENOTITLE Frozen Rejuvenation The dragon heals itself for 10% of its health. 30 6s.
RTENOTITLE Blizzard Conjures a large snowstorm drastically slowing enemies in it, dealing medium damage. 75 30s.



To be added.

TLDR: Keeps its distance, heals owner.

Poison/Earth dragon spells:

  • Level 1 – Passive: Healing spells are 10% more effective.
  • Level 5 – Nature’s blessing – Heals their owner for 5% of their total health and grants them haste. – 2s cooldown.
  • Level 15 – Grasp of the earth – Snares an enemy in place for 4 seconds. (Enemy can still heal, just not move.) – 10s cooldown.
  • Level 25 – Natural rejuvenation – The dragon heals itself and its owner over time for 2% of their respective healths per second for 5 seconds. – 25s cooldown.
  • Level 50 – Passive: The player can mount their dragon for highly increased movement speed and easy travelling.
  • Level 75 – Earthquake – The dragon makes the earth shake in a large area, crippling enemies and causing bleed. Crippled enemies are slowed. – Spell deals medium damage.




TLDR: Keeps distance, shoots lightning, is fast.

Lightning dragon spells:

  • Level 1 – Passive: Buffs their owners’ speed by 25%
  • Level 5 – Thunderclap – Creates a thundercloud that strikes the enemy once. – Medium damage. – 2 seconds cooldown.
  • Level 20 – Lightning speed – Casts a very strong haste on self and owner. – 12 seconds cooldown.
  • Level 35 – Lightning Storm – Creates a small area (3x3) of thunderclouds that strike the ground. – Medium damage. – 12 seconds cooldown.
  • Level 50 Passive: The player can mount their dragon for highly increased movement speed and easy travelling. (Lightning dragon is the fastest mount 10% faster than others)
  • Level 75 – God of Thunder – Your dragon unleashes its ultimate form increasing its damage drastically (25%) for 30 seconds. – 300s cooldown.




TLDR: Strongest dragon, extremely hard to get. Melees, is very tough.

Omni dragon spells:

  • Level 1 – Passive: Adds all the passives of the other dragons.
  • Level 5 – Omnistrike – Hits the enemy with a strike spell of every element, each dealing low to medium damage. – 4s cooldown.
  • Level 10 – Omni Renewal – Dragon heals self and owner for 10% of their health. – Cooldown -6s.
  • Level 25 – Rainbow wave – Dragon shoots a wave made out of several elements, dealing medium to high damage. – 12s cooldown.
  • Level 35 – Groundbreaker – Dragon collapses the ground under an enemy trapping it (snaring) it for 6 (players 3 seconds) seconds. Enemy can still heal/attack just not move. – deals low damage – 20s cooldown.
  • Level 50 - Passive: The player can mount their dragon for highly increased movement speed and easy travelling. Slightly slower than lightning dragon 8% faster than others. Leaves rainbow trails while riding.
  • Level 75 – Omni Barrage – Creates a combination of earthquakes, thunderstorms and blizzards. Dealing high damage. (Only one hit, just a lot of different stuff going on)
  • Level 100 – Passive: Omniscience – Dragons’ damage increases by 10%.