Storyline Quests


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Quest name Required level Suggest level Other requirements Location Reward
Rorina part 1 15 (only for additional rewards) 25 - South of Thais

Glimmering Crystal
Possible to get one of:
Dragon Hammer, Dwarven Axe, Spike Sword, 35 Platinum Coins, Life Ring, Dark Helmet, Plate Legs,  Dark Armor, Beholder Shield 

Rorina part 2 60 60 previous part of Rorina Storyline Darashia

Mysterious Red Gem,
Ability to do next part of Rorina Storyline Quest,
One item of:
Composite Harnbow, Castle Shield, Wizard Spellbook,
Possible to get one item of:
Dragon Lance, Giant Sword, Demon Shield,  Hammer of Wrath

Rorina part 3 90 120 previous part of Rorina Storyline Fibula

Mysterious Green Gem,
Ability to do next part of Rorina Storyline Quest,
Rare Yellow Enchant Gem, Purple Key (Key:25602),
One item of:
Outfit Book (Purple Devil Outfit - tier 0), Demonic Axe, Demonic Mace, Demonic Sword, Demonic Spellbok, Crystal Crossbow, Rainbow Shield

Rorina part 4 110 170 previous part of Rorina Storyline Ankrahmun

Demonic Bracelet, Violet Gem&action=edit&redlink=1 Mysterious Violet Gem
One item of:
Demonic Helmet, Demonic Armor, Demonic Legs, Demonic Boots

Rorina part 5 110 200 previous part of Rorina Storyline Heavenium Island

Godly Backpack, 25 Crystal Coins, Scroll of golden account 30 days, Pet Golden Helmet, Pet Golden Armor
One item of:
Godly Helmet, Godly Armor, Godly Legs, Heavenly Sword, Heavenly Axe, Heavenly Hammer

Rorina part 6 150 250   PoH

Ultimate Bloody Gem, Demon Slayer Outfit Scroll (?),  Pet Cursed Helmet, Pet Cursed Armor
One item of:
Bloody Sword, Bloody Axe, Bloody Hammer, Bloody Wand, Bloody Bow, Bloody Crossbow
Possible to get:
5.000.000 experience, Green Spiritual Wand

Zepar part 1 - 250   Demona, Prison

Ability to do next part of Zepar Storyline Quest,
5.000.000 experience

Zepar part 2 - 300 previous part of Zepar Storyline Demona, Prison 5.000.000 experience
Ice Crystal Quest - 300 crystal key (Key:25673)   Ice Crystal
Fire Crystal Quest - 350+ done Ice Crystal Mission   Fire Crystal
Devil Hills Scroll Quest - 400+ done Zepar Storyline Nivalis ?
Reaper Prisoner Quest - 400+ done Devill Hills Scroll Quest Haevenium Warlock's Palace Reaper Cape
Reaper Quest 200 400+   Haevenium Warlock's Palace