NPC Rorina

Start by going to Rorina's castle south of Thais, here:

Rorina castle location.png

First Part

Ask Rorina for a mission.

Player: hi
Rorina: The gods must be praised that I am finally saved.
Player: mission
Rorina: Oh, a new explorer? Well how intriguing. Would you like to embark on your first Quest?
Player: yes
Rorina: Great. It just so happens that we had a burglar not long ago that stole one of my finest crystals, and I need you to try and find it and bring it back to me. Sometimes at night I've heard what sounds like footsteps coming from beneath the castle, which is odd because as far as I know there's no basement, but be my guest to look around. Return to me if you manage to find my missing crystal and I will be sure to reward you for your efforts.

Go outside the castle and find the secret basement entrance hidden behind a bush here:Follow this path to get to the crystal room:

Note: There's another reward at the other mark on the map, through a secret passage.

Rorina part 1 map.png Rorina 1 - boss room.png Rorina 1 - side quest hidden way.png Side quest - part 1.png
The line shows the route to Rorina quest line. The other two pictures are the hidden quest in Rorina 1

The Book down at quest room reads;
As you approach the book you see a glimmering object sticking out from one of the pages, and you pick it up (Take the Glimmering Talon from the chest) You think to yourself "This must be what Rorina wanted me to get her."

Report back to Rorina.

Player: hi
Rorina: The gods must be praised that I am finally saved.
Player: glimmering crystal
Rorina: Oh, have you found my precious?
Player: yes
Rorina: You found my missing crystal! How amazing! Thank you very much, and I hope it wasn't too much trouble. Please, accept this as a payment to aid you on your future adventures.

Second Part

For the second part of Rorina quest line you should head over to Darashia


Go thru the left door and down the hole and you end up here

Just follow each path and clear the rooms and pull the levers. You will encounter everything from skeletons, mummys to warlocks and hydras.

The path to the right has a hidden quest inside of it here.
Hidden passage.png

Just walk all the way around the outside down a sewer and you will end up in the hidden quest room. Dont forget to pull the lever before doing that!

Once the stones are gone go down the hole.

First path.png
You will end up here and just follow the path down the sewer. After that there is an exit portal and another sewer. Just jump down the sewer for the final boss room which contains warlocks, heros, banshees.

Final room.png


Third Part


Fourth Part


Fifth Part