Custom outfits

NPC Doppler is located near Diamond Island Boat ( Travel from Thais - Diamond Island ) 


Male Female Outfit Required Items Outfit Bonus
outfit_253.gif outfit_280.gif Archer 100x vampire cloth, 50x cyclopilus helmet, 100x minotaur leg, 50x dragon tail, 50x neruk teeth, +50 HP
+50 MP
outfit_255.gif outfit_284.gif Aristocrat 100x undead hydra head, 50x golden wing, 50x demon horn, 50x frozemoth horn, 50x dragon tail, 100x dragon lord tail, 1x red robe +100 HP
+100 MP
+1 Mlvl
outfit_257.gif outfit_282.gif Inquisitor 100x soul hunter wing, 100x pumpkin head, 50x frozemoth horn, 50x vampire cloth, 10x warlock father staff

+150 HP
+200 MP
+2 Mlvl

outfit_254.gif outfit_281.gif Royal Guard 100x broken templar sword, 50x blue shield, 50x cyclopilus helmet, 50x dragon tail, 50x golden wing, 1x death blade, 1x dragon claw +250 HP
+100 MP
+1 Mlvl
outfit_256.gif outfit_283.gif Pyromancer 100x demon father claw, 80x vampire cloth, 50x demon horn, 50x warlock staff, 50x golden wing, 30x dragon lord tail, 10x warlock father staff, 1x ferumbras hat +250 HP
+250 MP
+3 Mlvl
outfit_252.gif outfit_279.gif Diamond Knight 50x diamond hydra heads, 50x diamond hydra necks, 50x diamond hydra furs, 50x diamond nails, 50x diamond dragon wings, 50x diamond dragon tails, 50x diamond dragon heads and 50x diamond rotworm heads +100 HP
+100 MP
+1 Mlvl
*Access to trade with NPC Naldward
outfit_250.gif outfit_250.gif Demon Slayer 1x demon slayer outfit scroll / Rorina part 6 quest  +80 HP
+80 MP
+1 Mlvl
angelmale.gif angelfemale.gif Angel Outfit 1x angel outfit doll / Diamond Box  +30 HP
+30 MP
+1 Mlvl
RTENOTITLE RTENOTITLE Paperdoll Outfit Zepar storyline quest part 1 

+100 HP
+100 MP
+2 Mlvl