Massive Team Battle


Massive Team Battle Event

To join the event type !join mtb , and stay in PZ ( depot/house/temple) untill the event start up ! 

First MTB Event : 20:00 CET 

Second MTB Event : 02:00 CET


About event

To join it you need to type !join mtb command after a proper broadcast is displayed. The command works only within protection zone, where a character must be standing when the battle starts or it will not be allowed to participate in the event. Up to 100 players can join. They get teleported to a random arena and split into 2 teams: blue and red. 
Every character has 3 lives and when it loses all of them, it gets teleported back to a place from which it was taken to the event. Players from a winning team get a 5% increased experience bonus and players from a losing team get 3% increased experience bonus. In case of a draw all players get 2% increased experience bonus. Player who gets most frags during the event is also awarded with a unique medal with added inscription. 
There are no items loss / death penalties during MTB event. 
The experience bonus lasts for 12 hours.
The event will be hosted twice a day