Castle Raids


Castle Event Raids system

There are  12 event raids daily, spawned every 6 hours from:
Carlin Castle first raid : 08:30 AM 

Fibula Castle first raid : 09:00 AM

Thais Mount Sternum Castle first raid: 09:30 AM 

Carlin Castle - NoN-PvP

Low level raid located near Carlin for players with level 15-50, also need 1 golden token to enter
*Reward : 5 Silver Tokens + 5.000 gold + Boss exp : 250.000
*Monsters : Fire Bugs, Lady Explorers, Rotwormins, Cyclopilus, Cursed King
*Location : Carlin

Fibula Castle - PvP

*Medium level raid located at Fibula for players with level 51+, also need 5 golden tokens to enter.
*Reward : 10 Silver Tokens + 10 Golden Tokens + Boss exp : 1.000.000
*Monsters: Blaze Wolfs, Dragons, Cursed Blaze Wolfs, White Golems, Solar Dragons, Cursed White Golem, Fibula King
*Location : Fibula

Mount Sternum Castle - PvP

*High level raid located north east from Thais Mount Sternum for players with level 91+, also need 10 golden tokens to enter.
*Reward : 20 Silver Tokens + 50k + Boss exp : 3.500.000
*Monsters: Spit Deaths, Wind Dragons, Cursed Wind Dragon, Warlock Fathers, Blue Knights, Cursed Warlock Father, Cursed Queen
*Location: North east from Thais Mount Sternum



You can repeat the castle event raid every 6 hours.